Minecraft documentary donors to get more goodies

MInecraft donor prizes

We recently posted the brilliant Minecraft documentary from 2 Player Productions, mentioning that they were looking for funding to expand the 20 minute film into a feature-length documentary. They've already received excess of the $150,000 they asked for, but the fundraising campaign will continue until March 23. To tempt us into donating a little more, they've come up with some amazing Minecraft prizes, indluding a cuboid Minecraft piggybank and wind-up Creeper toys.

The project is being funded through Kickstarter . Joystiq say that the items are being specially made by Fangamer , who produced the concept art for the prizes you'll find below. You'll get them all if you donate $500 or more. Here's a breakdown of what's included:

"Exclusive “Box Pig” piggy bank, a custom poster print of Minecraft scenery signed and numbered by Notch, the 2PP-autographed DVD, a physical copy of the soundtrack, the "Creeper" toy, and your name in the credits."