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Mega Maker is a neat looking, unofficial Mega Man level editor

There are plenty of Mega Man games on PC – thanks to the Mega Man Legacy Collection and its imminent sequel – but that's not enough. So it's nice that this fan-made Mega Man level editor is in the pipeline – providing Capcom don't get nasty about it. 

Like Nintendo's Mario Maker, Mega Maker will allow users to create and share levels, and is scheduled to release this Friday. Though it's free, money to help keep the severs alive can be pledged via this Patreon

Stats wise, the game offers 46 enemies, 29 level objects, 12 bosses, 24 special weapons, 40 backgrounds, 129 tilesets, 63 music tracks "and more". Full details are over on the website, or you can watch the trailer below:

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