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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is now free on Origin

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

If you're looking for some free gaming for the weekend, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is now free on Origin as part of its “On the House” program.

Pacific Assault is an older game—it came out in late 2004—but it earned largely positive reviews, even though we, according to Metacritic, said we liked Call of Duty better. (These were the days when Call of Duty was more than just a forgotten pre-title.) Being free is a pretty big plus too, and it's yours to keep as long as you snag it before the offer expires.

When that will happen is anybody's guess, as one of the oddities of On the House is that the freebie end dates aren't revealed. But going by previous OTH releases, you should have at least a month or two to grab this one. The process for doing so is a simple one: Go to, click “download now,” log into your Origin account, and you're on your way.

Andy Chalk
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