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MechWarrior Online heading to Steam in December

Mechwarrior Online Atlas

It took nearly two years for MechWarrior Online to get European servers, but the journey from there to Steam will only take around six months. The stompy free-to-play mech combat game is coming to Steam on December 10; nothing says Christmas like people clobbering the heck out of each other in power armour.

Here's Piranha Games announcing the move on its site, while noting that there's a bit of a shindig going on in Vancouver to celebrate it, which 50 people will be able to win tickets, and the air fare, too. There are no details of the Steam version that I can find (will the non-Steam version continue, or will MWO fully migrate to Steamworks?), but an influx of new players probably won't hurt.

In further mech news, Harebrained Schemes are bringing back Battletech. Their Kickstarter did pretty well.