Hearthstone's Frost Festival brings free Arena wins and packs from the new set

After hosting a Fire Festival for the last two weeks, Hearthstone has cooled things down a bit with the start of the new Frost Festival. In addition to a Lich King-themed Tavern Brawl this week and some icy cosmetic changes, the festival brings some Arena-focused perks for players.

Anybody who logs in during the event will get a free Arena run. On top of that, all Frost Festival Arena runs you play will automatically start with a free win, making it easier to win back the gold you've paid to enter in subsequent runs. Even in the most dismal of showings, you'll still end up at 1-3. 

There's also a cool incentive to play that free run: completing three arena games during the event will earn you a card pack for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. You won't be able to open it until the set launches sometime next month, but it's a neat way to get a leg up on your collecting.

You can reap all the benefits of the Frost Festival just by logging in, and the festivities are already underway.