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Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box update turns Tyria 8-bit, trashes child's bedroom

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There's a blink-and-you'll miss it moment in the trailer for Guild Wars 2 's Super Adventure Box update where Charr leader Rytlock Brimstone rocks an air guitar while riding a wireframe F-22 fighter jet inside a child's TV in the late 1980s. That's all I'm going to say. You should probably watch it.

[VAMS id="2laKVclj4lxO0"]

It's that time again, when MMO developers decide to have more fun in the space of a day than they usually manage in a year. As the Flame & Frost storyline continues to smoulder away at Guild Wars 2's fringes, April's update is, erm, different. An Asuran inventor has managed to invent videogames inside ArenaNet's videogame, turning the client 8-bit and pitting players against foes that appear to include 'a big, happy snake' and 'a cloud'. Your Inception horn will not save you now.

Unlike a lot of developer gags, this is actual content that is going into the game today. The Super Adventure Box is a custom 5-man instance that can be reached via a new NPC near the Magustan Court Waypoint in Rata Sum. There are two difficulty modes - 'Infantile' and 'Normal' - and rewards for completing challenges including new weapon skins.

See below for a bunch of screenshots of the new stuff.

Chris Thursten
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