Guild Wars 2 launches "Living World Season 2" in July

Since the end of March, the players of Guild Wars 2 have had a much needed break from foiling evil plans. The first season of the Living World ended with a destroyed city and a newly awakened dragon; both of which are plot points deserving of some resolution. Instead, we've had a big party and a bigger war . That revelry can only last so long, and ArenaNet have announced that a new season of content updates will begin in July.

The following image was posted to the Guild Wars 2 site :

The obvious part of the message is the words, revealing the July 1st kick-off date. But the portal behind those words teases the introduction of a new zone. Here comes the lore bit: at the end of the last season, arch-villain Scarlett woke Mordremoth, the elder dragon of, er, jungle and stuff. As such, his stomping ground is Maguuma, the jungle-based western side of the map. There's a good chance players will be pushing in that direction as part of the new updates.

Speculation aside, what we know for sure is that ArenaNet are planning a slightly different structure for this season. Rather than a content update every two weeks, the team want to alternate between story and features—resulting in more "quality of life" updates like last month's April Feature Pack.

If you're a current or former player, the start of Season 2 will be a good time to jump back in. The end of the first season produced some of the game's best boss fights , and—despite a slow middle-section—ended with some enjoyable community events .

The current event, Festival of the Four Winds , will run until the start of Season 2.