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Greedfall E3 trailer shows off its colonial story

Greedfall, Spiders' colonial RPG, has a new trailer that gives us a glimpse of crisis going down on this magical island. Take a gander above.

It's an interesting one, is Greedfall, putting you in the shoes of a new settler seeking a cure for a disease on a magical island. It's an unspoiled place with its own inhabitants, so of course there's a conflict. 

The colonists want to exploit the land, the islands denizens obviously want to protect it, using magic and supernatural Guardians to stop the colonists from wrecking everything as they search for the islands secrets. 

The world will evolve based on your actions, from performing little tasks to making political decisions. The trailer is pretty aggressive, but you'll be able to take  a more peaceful path, using diplomacy or just being really sneaky and tricky to get what you want. 

Colonialism is a tricky concept for any RPG to tackle, and while Spiders is an experienced studio, it's also got a penchant for rough RPGs that don't live up to their ambitions. Maybe this will be the combo-breaker, but the studio has its work cut out for it. 

Greedfall is due out on PC in September. 

Fraser Brown
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