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Gang Beasts to be published by Double Fine, will release on Steam Early Access next week

Previously, we've given the local multiplayer physics-brawler Gang Beasts only a small smattering of mentions. Let's fix that now, with an entire news post about how the game will receive publishing support from Double Fine, through the Broken Age developer's Double Fine Presents scheme. Even better, the game will launch to Steam Early Access on 29 August.

"The game is a local multiplayer brawler in the style of Streets of Rage or Double Dragon that allows you and your buddies to fight alongside each other and face off head to head," the Double Fine announcement post neatly summarises. "It's a jolly good time full of silly procedural animation and ragdoll physics that will no doubt insight giggles and guffaws."

Over at Gang Beasts' Greenlight page , the developers reveal some of the additions planned for the game's Steam debut and explain why this update is arriving later than originally planned. "It is important that the key character features (climbing, kicking, and stomping) are fully implemented, balanced, and stable for the new stages and environments to work," they say.

As for why Gang Beasts is such an interesting prospect, this trailer should explain much of its appeal.

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