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Freedom Planet 2 looks impressive in new trailers

Freedom Planet 2 was announced at the end of last...wait, last-last year (2015), and I'd basically forgotten about it until Destructoid mentioned that some new trailers had recently been released. The first is below, and reveals that the Sonic-inspired platformer has come on, wait for it, leaps and bounds since the original game, which was intentionally shackled to the limitations of the Mega Drive.

That's returning character Lilac showing off a new moves, in a game that now looks like something you might have found on the Sega Saturn. Developer GalaxyTrail's Twitter account reveals that there's a demo on the way at the end of January, one that will be available "as a free download, and include all playable characters". Which is nice.

Here's Carol, another returning character, larking about on a motorbike, and near a train: