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Final Fantasy 14's All Saints' Wake event begins today

Between today and November 1, residents of Final Fantasy 14’s Eorzea will be able to participate in spooky, Halloween-themed activities as the Continental Circus returns to celebrate another All Saints’ Wake

All Saints’ Wake is an in-game Halloween event where players will be able to earn a special outfit for their characters and hunt down a new range of All Saints’ Wake items. 

Midway through the event, Patch 4.11 will be released. That’s on October 24. With that comes something even more bone chilling—an Ultimate difficulty Unending Coil of Bahamut. Square Enix wants that it will require even more determination than the Extreme and Savage difficulties. 

And if you fancy checking all of this out, don’t forget that there’s a free trial that will allow you to access all of the MMO’s content up to level 35. You’ll also be able to create up to eight characters to test out the different classes and races.  

Fraser Brown
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