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Expat is a game for Space Cowboy Jam about bounty hunters (in space)

Next on the ever-moving treadmill of game jams (gam-jams?), it's Space Cowboy Jam. This one, seemingly, merges indie games, Cowboy Bebop and Firefly into a moodscape of fast-fingered, fancy talking, bounty hunting action. You can see the full list of games at the jam's page , but, before properly delving into the list, let's highlight one in particular.

Expat was created by Blendo Games' Brendon Chung—maker of 30 Flights of Loving and the upcoming Quadrilateral Cowboy. It's a top-down space adventure, in which you collect bounties, talk to contacts, and jet off around the galaxy to bring a space-crim to justice. You'll want to be communicating with friends, too, else you risk your bounty escaping as you bleed to death in a cold and uncaring universe. Kind of like I did.

Download Expat from its competition page .

Phil Savage
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