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Everything is bigger in the new Dungeons 3 trailer

With the launch of Dungeons 3 less than a month away, the devilish imps at Realmforge Studios have put together a trailer breaking down exactly how it’s different from its predecessors (the theme seems to be ‘bigger’), while showing off plenty of evil-on-good violence and good ol’ fashioned dungeon-building. And the whole thing is narrated by The Stanley Parable’s Kevan Brighting, who also stars in the game. 

The Dungeons series takes liberal helpings of Dungeon Keeper and mixes in a dash of Overlord, Warcraft and a few other fantasy strategy games. You’ve got a horrible dungeon to maintain below ground, and hordes of monsters to command and send above ground to destroy your enemies and corrupt the land around them. 

You’ll be able to fill your underempire with traps, and rooms and places for your minions to work away in and then raise an army of demons and beasties only too happy to destroy in your name. Commanding them on their misadventures above ground is the priestess Thalya, once a do-gooder, now your lieutenant. These levels will be randomly generated, too; a first for the series. 

Dungeons 3 is due out on October 13 on Steam.  

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