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Eve Incursion update goes live tomorrow

Eve Online commissioned officer edition

The third and final part of the free Eve Incursion expansion will go live tomorrow. The Sansha invasion of Eve's universe is about to begin.

CCP made the announcement on their development blog . The Sansha invasion will unite players against a huge invading NPC force called the Sansha. The invasion won't happen all at once. "If, on the 18th of January, you find yourself flying around New Eden unable to see any Incursions on the starmap, there is a good reason for it. Rather than just haphazardly throwing the content onto TQ, we'll be opening it in what we hope is a spectacular-but-oh-so-carefully-staged manner, which means you won't see it right away."

The first Incursion update arrived last November, bringing a series of bugfixes, optimisation tweaks and the new Noctis class ship to the game. Then, in December, the second update removed learning skills from the game. This should be the final update of the Incursion expansion before CCP move on to the highly anticipated Incarna expansion that plans to let players to step out of their ships and walk around the game's space stations.

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