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Esdevium brings tabletop gaming back to the PC Gamer Weekender

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The PC Gamer Weekender is into its second year in 2017, meaning we can afford ourselves the luxury of having ‘returning attractions’. One such return comes in the form of the Esdevium board game playing area—yep, there’s more than just PC gaming at the Weekender.

The returning area features a bevy of brilliant board games all presided over by the expert games demonstrators of Esdevium. In the table top zone you’ll be able to try out exciting new games and a bunch of our old favourites for good measure—it’s a running theme to the PCGW.

Whether you’d like to wage war across the galaxy, explore ancient and fantastic realms of myth and magic, set the foundations for your own civilisation, become a ruthless mob boss or band together to save the world, there’s something for everyone.

Board games you can try include the likes of Dobble, Cortex Challenge, Age of Conan, Star Wars: Destiny, Potion Explosion, Ticket to Ride—Rails and Sails, Dice City and Raise Your Goblets.

Of course, it’s not just about playing the games—if you see or try something you end up falling instantly in love with, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch more recommendations from our on-hand experts, as well as—you guessed it—buy the games in question from Games Quest who are also in the board game area. If you leave empty handed, you’ve probably just not played the right game.

These tabletop treats will sit alongside a bunch of PC gaming greats—all available to play at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is being held February 18-19 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For more details see the PC Gamer Weekender site, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.

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