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Enjoy some asshole goose behavior in the launch trailer for Untitled Goose Game

Indie studio House House's Untitled Goose Game releases on September 20, and so here is a launch trailer to celebrate the fact. Enjoy seeing a real jerk of a goose untie a boy's shoelace, steal his toy plane, and then when the boy trips over while chasing the goose, take his glasses. Wow, what an asshole that goose is.

I for one cannot wait to pretend to be this stealth goose bastard while silent-movie-esque piano accompanies me on my monstrous misadventures.

Here's a fact for you, fact fans: The sound of the goose's footsteps is actually a rubber glove being slapped against the ground. Isn't sound design fascinating?

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Untitled Goose Game will be available on the Epic Games Store at 9am PST. 

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