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Elite: Dangerous refund policy being reconsidered

Elite Dangerous Planet

Frontier Developments founder David Braben says the studio will re-examine its Elite: Dangerous refund policy in the face of ongoing complaints from fans unhappy about the recent elimination of offline play. The change comes just a couple of days after Braben declared that anyone who has already played the game in either alpha or beta testing will not be eligible for a refund.

"We initially declined some people's request for refund as our records showed they have already played Elite: Dangerous online," Braben wrote in a forum post that went up yesterday. "After listening to many of the comments I received after my AMA here, we have since re-opened these requests and informed those people that we will be contacting them so that we can fully understand their individual situation before making a more informed decision. We will be contacting them each in the next few working days."

Elite: Dangerous was initially intended to support offline play, but Braben said earlier this week that it had been cut. It will still support single-player gameplay, but a constant connection to the internet will be required.

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