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Dragon's Prophet flies into open beta, brings along trailers

The words spoken by the narrator of these two trailers for free-to-play MMORPG Dragon's Prophet imply that bad things are happening in their respective areas. His tone, however, says differently. "Dark conspiracies have infected Laedis," he announces in a cheerful, avuncular manner, as if telling you about some recent holiday. Then again, I suppose he's got every reason to be chipper. With the game now in open beta, he's not the one that has to sort it all out.

Here's what you're dealing with. First up, there's that aforementioned trouble brewing in Laedis:

Then you get to discover the Fate of Satsuma Satuma:

"More than 300 dragons, each of their own different skills are waiting to be tamed and trained by you," explain European publisher Infernum. "Use their skills in combat - tailored to your own style of play. Build your own houses, and join forces with your guild to create towns and villages. The Crafter among you can use your dragon to collect resources that you can turn into powerful items."

They also promise that, as of yesterday's open beta launch, no more character wipes will occur.

Phil Savage
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