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Dragon Quest Heroes could be coming to Steam

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Dragon Quest Heroes, a PlayStation exclusive blending the Dragon Quest universe with the Dynasty Warriors hack 'n slash formula, could be coming to Steam. According to Gematsu, a pop-up ad appeared in the Steam client briefly last week, linking to a page that doesn't exist yet.

That website managed to grab a screenshot of the advertisement though, which you can see below:

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DQH Steam Ad Leaked

You'd be forgiven for not knowing much about Dragon Quest Heroes – it's never been confirmed for PC, after all. The premise is promising though: according to reviews for the console version it's a meaty RPG dressed up in a fluid, combo-driven Dynasty Warriors suit.

Still, it's not been properly confirmed yet. Square Enix has recently gotten into the habit of bringing its traditionally console-only games to Steam, so fingers crossed we'll get an official announcement soon.

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