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Don't wake the sleeping monsters in GTFO's next update

(Image credit: GTFO)

Four-player shooter GTFO puts a heavy emphasis on the 'co-op' philosophy. In other words, it's not a game you can get far in without heavily relying on your teammates. That appears to still be true in the new rundown headed our way on June 11.

Rundowns, if you weren't aware, are a series of expeditions players can undertake in GTFO, and the new one, called "The Vessel," looks pretty gnarly.

We got a look at several minutes of gameplay from The Vessel during IGN's Summer of Games showcase today. The footage shows off swarms of monsters rushing the players as they creep through yet another darkened underground facility. There are also some sleeping monsters that you'll need to tiptoe past to avoid waking. I don't know why sleeping monsters are worse than swarming ones, but somehow they are. Have a look at the video below:

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