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Devil May Cry 5: Where to find Secret Missions, Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs

Sometimes the power you start with just isn’t enough. Before you tackle Devil May Cry 5's harder difficulties, you’re going to want all the health and demonic power you can get. In Nico's customization shop you can buy a limited number of Blue Orbs, which each add one vitality slot to your health bar, and Purple Orbs, which expand the Devil Trigger gauge. But those aren't the only orbs in DMC5.

Scattered throughout the game's levels you'll find hidden orb fragments for both blue and purple orbs. Collect four fragments and you'll have a full orb. Many of these you'll earn by completing a level's hidden Secret Mission.

Here's our guide to Devil May Cry 5's orb locations and secret missions. We're still combing over a few levels, so we may have missed a fragment or two; stay tuned for updates as we play more. For now, follow along to grab them as you play through, or return to levels on Human difficulty and blitz through to grab the orb fragments.

Mission 1

Blue Orb fragment: When you drop down to the lower section of the bridge, immediately turn around. The blue orb is under the overhang behind you.

Mission 2

Blue Orb fragment: In the room where you get the second Nidhogg there's a destroyable floor. Jump down for your prize.

Blue orb fragment 2: When you get to the point where you need to bring a Nidhogg hatchling outside, you should see a devil breaker next to a fence. If you look just above it there is a broken wall. Climb on in to get this fragment. 

Secret Mission 1: The first Secret Mission is found in Mission 2. As you make your way through the level you’ll come to a building that is falling apart and filled with tentacles. As you progress through this area you will come to a bit where a tentacle will destroy the corridor in front of you. If you duck into the opening it has made a tutorial pop-up will explain what a Secret Mission is and how to activate them. Beat this one for a Blue Orb fragment.

Mission 3

Blue Orb fragment 1: After using the second grapple point to jump to another building, jump down to its lower level and turn around. The orb is nestled in there.

Blue Orb fragment 2: This fragment is in the same broken staircase room as the secret mission below. Stairs spiral upwards around the walls to a point where they're broken, around the third story. Proceed to the top of the stairs, then wall-jump up to a platform above the doorway you'll be exiting from. From here use the grapple point to jump up through a hole in the ceiling and find another blue orb.

Secret Mission 2: Secret Mission number 2 is found in Mission 3. Once you enter the sewers you will have to take down some more Qliphoth roots in order to progress. After taking out a few of these you’ll come to the room with a broken staircase mentioned above. If you jump down to the bottom and look up you’ll be able to see the pentagram indicating the secret mission. The little red point you stand on is there on the ground floor under an archway. Beating this one will give you more another Blue Orb fragment. 

Mission 4

Blue Orb fragment: You'll find a Nidhogg hatchling before proceeding through some city streets. At the end of one street will be a tentacle wall you can destroy with the hatchling. Use it to get past the wall and collect the blue orb within.

Blue Orb fragment 2: This one's in the building with the sweet skeleton graffiti that you have to destroy for the secret mission. It is in plain sight after you have broken the wall. 

Purple Orb fragment: After the bridge collapses, you'll enter a short fight against some fire bats and tree roots. Defeat them, then head into a building. The purple orb fragment is right in front of you.

Secret Mission 3: As you parade through the streets in Mission 4 you will come across an area that is all cobbled and scenic. You’ll have a fight in an area with a wall that has a skeleton mural on it. You can break this wall down using V's summon Nightmare and then run through it. If you follow this you can get a Nidhogg hatchling. Go back to the entrance and follow the path to the left of the building with the mural. Once you get to the end there will be two Qliphod roots to destroy using Nidhoggs. Follow this path up and you will see the pentagram ready for your eagle eyes. This will net you a blue orb fragment. 

Mission 5

Blue Orb fragment: As you progress through the level you’ll come to an area near a red ship. This is just before the secret mission. If you look around after destroying the Qlipoth roots there you’ll see a small alleyway just behind a construction vehicle. Just follow this in order to claim your fragment. 

Purple Orb: In the big room of girders and building materials, after you fight the Empusa Queen, you'll go down a hallway. Turn around and jump up to the small ledge to grab the purple orb fragment.

Secret Mission 4: Once you have reached the construction site in Mission 5 you will end up being bombarded by the boss above you. As you progress through the fight, and around the time the second tendril tries to attack you, you will see a wall comprised of bits of boxes and some poles. Smash this up and you can follow a yellow staircase up. Once you have got to the top you will be able to line up the pentagram below you. This will earn you a blue orb fragment. 

Mission 8

Blue Orb fragment: After completing the secret mission listed below, go back to the ledge and proceed up another grapple point to the top of the chamber. You'll make your way to the last bloody transit vein of the level. Before you enter, walk around behind the vein and kill the root hiding there. You'll hear a sound, and when you walk back to the front to enter the vein, a blue orb chunk will have appeared.

Blue Orb fragment 2: After the first upgrade point you’ll find an area with stretched cords. Instead of jumping into the pit, dash across using either the Gerbera or your Devil Trigger and it’s on the other side. 

Secret Mission 5: As you are journeying around you will come across some hellevators (hellish elevators). At the second one of these, you will see a devil breaker sitting all lonely. Jump over to it and then follow the chain of grappling points into a chasm. Just set up shop in the centre and look around to see the pentagram. This will get you another blue orb fragment.

Mission 9

Blue Orb fragment: After a fight with a swordsman and some other enemies you'll find a wall of thorns to your left. Summon Nightmare to attack the Qlipoth lot on the other side and you'll get access to this. 

Blue Orb fragment 2: As you make your way through the tombs, you’ll come to a section where you can either drop down or follow some platforms up. Do the latter, then turn around and you can jump to this orb fragment. 

Secret Mission 6: Mission 9 is the home of this Secret Mission. You will notice a door covered in thorns that is hiding an orb fragment around the mid-point of the level. Near the door is a red pad to attack with Nightmare which will let you take a new path. The pentagram will be on the wall at the back, and if you jump up to the platform above you’ll be able to line it up. Congrats on earning a blue orb fragment. 

Mission 10

Blue Orb fragment: You'll see this orb up on a small ledge after you enter a large room. Run through the clenching door and take the tunnel up. When you get to the top, look left to spot the ledge with the blue orb. Jump to it to claim your prize.

Secret Mission 7: This is the first Secret Mission as Dante and can be found in Mission 10. After destroying the Flaming Hellbat enemy there will be two doors ahead of you. Take the one on the right and go all the way to the top. You’ll find that Dante will let you know that you can find something there, simply turn around on that platform and you can see your goal. Another blue orb fragment for you.  

Mission 11

Blue orb fragment: When you enter a building with a checkerboard floor, destroy the root holding it up, then drop down to the lower level. Head to your left and you'll see a darker room where the blue orb fragment sits.

Secret Mission 8: Mission 11 houses Secret Mission 8. You will have to go down into some ruins near the beginning of the level. If you destroy the red orbs and then jump back up to the platform that got you here, you should see a red platform. From here you can line up the pentagram. Another blue orb fragment is your prize. 

Mission 12

Purple Orb fragment: You'll enter an overgrown green room with a large statue and two exits blocked by Nidhoggs. Take the upper pathway and after a fight you'll find a tunnel leading upwards to a purple orb fragment. 

Blue Orb fragment: In the room with the pools of blood you'll eventually unlock all of the Nidhogg locks. Behind one of the blood sacs (near where Dante comments on it being a crossroad) is a room with a couple of platforms. Follow these for your prize. 

Secret Mission 9: After you have dropped down past the statue you will see some red smears on the walls and floor. Jump up to the platforms behind you using Trickster and you will find the right spot to see the pentagram and earn a blue orb fragment. 

Mission 14

Blue Orb fragment: While you are in the strange dimension, make sure to unlock Griffon. Then jump up some rocks to the right of your starting point and glide over to the orb fragment a short way away. 

Purple Orb fragment: After you've regained your strength you'll come to a crossroads with a small cut scene. Go onto the left path and then jump down the right-hand side of it when you can for this one.

Secret Mission 10: In Mission 14 after you have fought your way through some old friends, you will find a place to destroy some more Qliphoth Roots, the second one hides a secret. Instead of going where the camera tells you to, just turn around and you can see the light on the floor, and the pentagram above you. This will get you yet another blue boi.

Mission 15

Blue Orb fragment: After defeating a behemoth you'll come to a room with some enemies you don't have to kill. There's a grapple pad on the floor though, so clear everything out and then follow this path to the top for another blue fragment.

Blue Orb fragment 2: While doing the Punch Line skating course, if you can take the tougher path then you’ll find an orb fragment awaiting you at the finishing line. If this seems too tricky, simply get to the top and use Gerbera to jump over to the path instead.

Secret Mission 11: Mission 15 is all about Nero again. Make your way through until you find one of the upgrade statues. If you go behind it and then surf about on your Punch Line then you will eventually find a very steep hill. If you go up to this Nero will give you a handy hint about a presence. You should be able to see the red spot, just turn around and there it is. With it comes a blue orb fragment.

Mission 16

Blue Orb fragment: Just follow the path the level sets out and you'll eventually come to a place where there is a blue orb on the other side of a long drop. The easiest way to get this one is with the Sin Devil Trigger active and just hover over. 

Purple Orb fragment: This one after a fight with some spiked lizards. If you jump to the platform below them and look down, but not towards the secret mission area, you should see other platforms. Carefully make your way down and you will find it. 

Secret Mission 12: The last of these devilish missions can be found in mission 16. You'll reach a chasm where you can clearly get to the other side, but don't do this. Drop down and kill the spiked lizards. Then drop to the big platform below. There's a small gap and a yellow platform you can see through it. Go onto that platform, then past the big red orb statue. Make your way down the next area and duck into the first cave you see. The flowing spot is on the floor and the mission is outside the cave.

Mission 18

Blue Orb fragment: After your first fight with Shadow, jump up to the next section and you'll find three of the red orb bugs to squash. Crush them all before they disappear in order to earn this one.