Distance trailer appears, reveals early access release date

Distance 5

There's a new trailer for Distance. Watch it, and I won't have to explain how the game is a neon filled, sci-fi arcade racer. Or that it's the follow up to the free Nitronic Rush.

See? You now know that the game features a series of modes—including online and splitscreen multiplayer—and takes place across strange, hazard-filled tracks that must be navigated by your leaping, flipping, gliding vehicle. Any words I choose to relay that information would be completely redundant given the minute-and-a-half of visual stimulus above.

Also pointless would be to tell you that the Kickstarted game will be heading to Steam Early Access next month, on 9 December. That information is in the title of the trailer. Taking time out to explain it would be the most pointless form of repetition.