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Deus Ex: Human Revolution ENB mod augments visuals. Lighting improved. Fist-chisels shinier

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Deus Ex mod

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's dark, golden cityscapes are a beautiful place to wander around fist-chiseling people at the best of times, but the ENBSeries mod adds an extra sheen of cyber-loveliness for those running the game on an Nvidia card. The golden filter is toned down, colours are richer and the lighting tech is kicked up a notch or two. Even Human Revolution's corridors are moodier, smokier places with this mod installed.

Your framerate will take a certain hit, but it's worth an install if you're curious to see what Human Revolution could look like with every graphical setting maxed out. If you're running Deus Ex on a monster rig, you might just be able to play through the entire game at a reasonable frame rate. This is only the first version, too. We're can't wait to see what else can be done to boost the Human Revolution engine.

The tiny file can be downloaded for free from the ENBSeries site . To install, simply unzip the contents of the downloaded folder into the Deus Ex: Human Revolution directory that holds your Deus Ex: Human Revolution .exe file. I've hopped into a few saved games with and without the mod to grab some before and after pics, which you'll find below. Unmodded images are first in the sequence.

Tom Senior
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