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Deathloop gameplay trailer showcases an absolutely smashing '60s spy song

A new trailer for Bethesda's upcoming Dishonored-meets-Groundhog Day shooter Deathloop appeared today during Sony's State of Play online event, and it was a real banger—not just for the action, but for the original song, Deja Vu, by Sencit Music and recording artist FJØRA.

The guns-and-magic combat looks great, and has me feeling a little more optimistic about Deathloop, which I was initially iffy on—it struck me as a little lightweight compared to Arkane's previous releases when I first saw it, particularly the Dishonored games. But I love the way it channels the Swinging Sixties, and this trailer absolutely nails that atmosphere. The musical track is an easy stand-in for a classic James Bond theme song. 

Coupled with the promise of Hitman-style assassinations (and occasional rampages) blended with Outsider-like powers, and the apparent willingness to let players cut loose without punishing them for it, this is definitely a game I'm looking forward to.

Deathloop is set to come out on May 21, and will be available on Steam and

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