Dark Souls 3 is getting a dedicated PvP arena, here's a trailer about it

The first DLC pack for Dark Souls 3 will mostly take place in a new, icy world called Ariandel, but that's not the only locale to feature. As the below trailer demonstrates, there's also a new PvP arena forthcoming – in the same vein as the original Dark Souls' multiplayer-only area.

There's no clues as to how the area will be accessed, though the footage suggests it's a barren and brown area similar (spoilers?) to the closing area of Dark Souls 3. Whatever the case, covenants appear to play a part, and it'll be nice to have a reliably busy place to find a good 1v1 or 3v3 duel.

Ashes of Ariandel releases October 25. Check out the trailer below, or maybe you'd prefer to see some of Ariandel instead.