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Climax Studios tease unannounced titles, one of which looks a lot like Prince of Persia [Update]

Update: In a statement to Eurogamer , Climax CEO Simon Gardner said, "The screenshots in question are from a prototype we decided to create last year during exploratory discussions we had with Ubisoft. This never went any further."

Original: Climax Studios - the developers behind the Wii's Silent Hill:Shattered Memories, along with numerous ports and multiplatform titles - have teased two of their upcoming projects with a series of images posted to their website. One of them, billed as a tech demo for a "Character Action Platformer", looks an awful lot like a new Prince of Persia.

For reference, compare this Climax picture:

With this screenshot from PoP: Forgotten Sands:

Same red sash, same curved sword, same hilt. The white sleeveless top is new, though. Maybe he used those Sands of Time to pop to Primark.

Since their discovery, the plot has thickened, with the Character Action Platformer images being removed. Additionally, Ubisoft have responded to IGN, saying, "there is no new information to share in regard to Prince of Persia." Which is vague enough that it could mean absolutely anything.

Images from Climax's other unannounced title are still on their site . From the looks of it, that project will have more of a horror vibe. It's the only vibe you can have when using creepy cracked dolls.

I've added more images from both games below. See if you can guess which is which.

Thanks, VG247 .

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