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Where to find ghosts in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 search the galaxy for a ghost
(Image credit: 2K Games)

Where do you search the galaxy for a ghost in Borderlands 3. The first seasonal event, Bloody Harvest, has kicked off in Gearbox's looter-shooter and it introduces a new quest 'Descent into Heck', which ties in with a whole host of Halloween-y happenings around the cel-shaded universe. Completing this quest will ultimately allow a portal to be opened to the new area of Heck where, if you have the skills, you'll get the chance to face off against Captain Haunt.

Where to search the galaxy for ghosts in Borderlands 3

To get the seasonal quest started, head to your Sanctuary III ship and find Maurice's location in Borderlands 3. When you speak to them, they'll offer you the quest which will requires you to search the galaxy for ghosts, collect their Hecktoplasm, and bring the spooky substance back.

Once you've picked up the quest, various new Haunted enemies will appear throughout the galaxy; your targets are smothered in a weird glow and drop Hecktoplasm when killed. They can be found anywhere, so keep your eyes open. For example, there are a few haunting the Meridian Seaport area of Lectra City.

Once you've located one, defeat it, and a ghost will escape the body—it's shaped like a skull, so you can't miss it. Take it out quickly as they make a beeline towards you and explode, inflicting you with the new Terror debuff.

Once you've defeated 25 of these enemies and collected their Hectoplasm, you can head back to Maurice and start packing your bags for a journey to a scary new world. Make sure you're adequately equipped before you head through, though: the enemies beyond are no pushover. Aside from your main target, Captain Haunt, there are a lot of undead Maliwan soldiers and special Rakk-O-Lanterns that you'll need to deal with. Good luck.