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Batman: Arkham Origins reported to have multiplayer

We're going to need to hone our investigative skills to get to the bottom of this one. Let's turn on Detective mode, and see if any clues emerge from the green-washed light. Hmm, a suspicious stain - Enable scan! It's cheap coffee, that which might be drunk by a hastily fleeing reporter. Let's follow the trail in the hope of... Aha! It leads to a quickly scribbled note, saying " Kotaku report that Batman: Arkham Origins will have multiplayer."

They're basing this rumour on two anonymous sources, one of which had previously predicted that the game would be called "Batman: Origins," and would feature a "snowy, Christmas-themed background." Those turned out to be largely true: while the source missed the Arkham from the title, the game does take place on Christmas Eve.

If accurate, the game will feature a mode in which you play as a member of the Joker or Bane's gang, trying to take down Batman and Robin. Naturally, Warner Brothers declined to comment to Kotaku.

Is multiplayer something you'd like to see added to the Arkham series? If it is coming, it'll be interesting to see where it falls in the grand tradition of superfluous online modes. Will it be closer to the genuinely worthwhile additions seen in Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed, or the box-ticking irrelevance of the latest Tomb Raider?

Batman: Arkham Origins is due out in October. Find out what we'd like to see from the game here . Funnily enough, multiplayer wasn't mentioned.

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