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Barkley 2 gets first in-game footage, shows the indie RPG firing on all cylinders

And now for something completely different. To coincide with their Penny Arcade Expo appearance in a couple of weeks, the inspirational Tale of Game's have uploaded a gameplay-full video of their well-Kickstarted Barkley 2 - sequel, of course, to the world's first b-ball RPG Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden . While the first featured JRPG-style turn-based combat, the second boasts real-time ass-kicking, only with plenty of delicious numbers jumping out of enemy heads. Give it a watch! Then lament the lack of b-ball featured therein.

Admittedly there's not much sign of the series' famous humour yet, but I'm sure we'll see more of that further down the line. In the meantime, if you need a reminder of why you should be excited about this ridiculous RPG, read our giant Barkley 2 preview from earlier in the year.

Thanks, Evil Avatar .