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Among The Sleep now among the Kickstarter funded

Among The Sleep has just been funded on Kickstarter , meaning it can begin its long crawl (you know, because it stars a two-year-old) to release. The exciting horror game managed to rake in nearly $50,000 over its $200,000 target, fulfilling most of its stretch goals along the way. You'll be happy to hear that the game will feature "a proper implementation" of Oculus Rift, along with a commentary track and, er, ice cream for each member of the team. That last one isn't so much a game feature as it is a tasty dairy treat. While we wait for Among The Sleep to wake up later this year, have a play of the alpha version , or read up on the many, many things we've said about the game.

Among The Sleep is out in December of this year, providing it isn't too scared to crawl out from the under the covers. In case you were wondering, here's how that Oculus Rift implementation is going to work: