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Alien: Isolation trailer warns that danger lurks in unexpected places

Alien: Isolation

You don't have a pulse rifle. You don't even have a crappy old shotgun. And the tried-and-true strategy of "run away!" is clearly a non-starter. But you do have a flare. And having provided that, the new Aliens: Isolation trailer once again asks: How will you survive?

Quietly now—pop the flare. Kind of amazing (and disappointing) that the Xenomorph doesn't notice anything untoward until a few seconds after you've thrown it, but no sense looking a gift alien in the mouth. Slink around behind the crates while it's distracted. Now down the stairs, and you're in the clear.

Whoa! What the—What's up with glowy-eyed Mr. Clean here? Come on, this is not cool. Better get free soon or—whoops! Never mind. Boy, that's going to leave a mark.

As the trailer demonstrates (and we've seen previously), Alien: Isolation is considerably different from its predecessors, which were actually Aliens games and thus served up far more offensively-oriented action. This one is all about staying alive by staying out of the way, and while I have no doubt that the opportunity to drop the hammer, or perhaps the airlock door, on the Big Ugly will come up at some point, you're probably not going to do it with an M56 strapped to your chest.

Alien: Isolation comes out on October 7.