UK to get its first dedicated e-sports arena

People, watching e-sports.

Well it's about time. I think we were all getting sick of huddling round the country's one wireless radio, struggling to hear about the latest Dota dunks. Now, finally, e-sports organiser Gfinity has announced a dedicated 500-person arena for the watching of DIGITAL SPORT.

The arena will be based in London—as these things always are. Specifically, it'll be part of the Vue Fulham Broadway multiplex.

The arena is set to open in March, and will play host to 30 events by mid-September. A prize pool of $500,000 has been set aside for the year, and games will include FIFA, CoD, Hearthstone and CS:GO. You can see the planned 2015 schedule over at the Gfinity announcement post.

Phil Savage

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