UFC star Robert Whittaker is now a fully-voiced Skyrim companion

Robert Whittaker in Skyrim
(Image credit: Skyrim)

When Skyrim released back in the days of yore, 2011 AD, it probably didn't occur to anyone that it'd be an ongoing concern ten years later. Less so, that a middleweight UFC fighter would be added to the game as a semi-official, fully-voiced companion mod. But here we are. Robert Whittaker is now in Skyrim.

For those unversed in UFC, Robert Whittaker is a Sydney-based fighter who currently holds the number one ranking in the middleweight category. He also apparently likes Skyrim, and is a brand ambassador for Bethesda's Australia and New Zealand branch. Hence the semi-official nature of the mod: Bethesda ANZ commissioned Texan modder Virginia 'Steelfeathers' Smith for the project, who's responsible for the Farming mod, among others.

Mods based on real world celebrities are a dime-a-dozen, both in Skyrim and in other games, but it's extremely rare for them to be fully-voiced as this one is. In addition to the voice and the likeness, the Whittaker companion has "scripted combat behaviour," unique special abilities, a recruitment quest, and a "unique fighting style." As the image at the top of the page evinces, that fighting style definitely involves punching people, creatures and vampires really hard in the skull.

Relatedly, Whittaker is taking part in a livestream on Thursday as part of Game On Cancer fundraising campaign.  He'll be playing Skyrim Anniversary Edition at 10am AEDT, and given the timing, it's likely he'll be playing that mod featuring himself, which should prove amusing.

The free Bethesda.net mod will appear in the coming days. Once you've installed it, Whittaker will be roaming Whiterun, where you can spot him teaching local kids how to fight. Here are some other choice shots of Skyrim Whittaker in action:

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