Ubisoft unveils Gridlock and Mozzie, the Aussie operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Following on yesterday's unusually lighthearted teaser, we've now got a proper introduction to Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous and Max “Mozzie” Goose, the Aussie odd couple from the Special Air Service Regiment that's coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Burnt Horizon.   

Gridlock, a straight-ahead farm girl from Central Queensland, deploys Trax Stingers that were originally designed to be used against vehicles "to add a new dimension to her team’s control of their surroundings." Mozzie, on the other hand, is a "show pony" who uses a crossbow-deployed "Pest" to hamper the attacking team's intel-gathering efforts. 

"They’re set to bring a sea-change to the Rainbow team with their can-do Aussie attitude and unique sense of humor, which may turn out to be just what the doctor ordered," Ubisoft said.

The new trailer showcases the operators in action, but for my money yesterday's "quiet" teaser, which you can check out below, is far more entertaining. Ubisoft also dropped the designer notes for Operation Burnt Horizon today—big changes are coming, so you'll want to give that a look too.   

Rainbow Six Siege year 4 season 1, Operation Burnt Horizon, will be revealed in full during the Six Invitational in Montreal on February 17. 

Andy Chalk

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