Two Worlds 2: Call of the Tenebrae expansion release date set

To be honest, I'd forgotten all about Two Worlds when news of a new engine and incoming DLC packs surfaced last year. Reality Pump and TopWare Interactive kicked off its high fantasy RPG series in 2007, and followed up with Two Worlds 2 in 2010 in Europe and 2011 in North America. It launched an expansion, named Pirates of the Flying Fortress, and then went rather quiet. 

A third game, a new engine, and two expansions were announced last March—and now one of those, Call of the Tenebrae, has a release date: May 25. 

So, six years on, what's it all about? Here's TopWare with the official word: 

"Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae plunges the Hero into a decades-old mystery and a battle against a hideous, ancient evil known as The Tenebrae. The stakes have never been higher, but our hero won’t face this threat alone. Friends and foes both new and old await you, as you fight to discover the truth behind a powerful secret that will shake the Two Worlds universe to its core."

With that, you'll return to Antaloor in a story boasting over ten hours of play, new locations, enemies and weapons. Slightly worrying is the fact that it's without any in-game footage/trailers at this stage—just over a month away from launch—however it does have a handful of screens which are featured below. 

Two Worlds 2: Call of the Tenebrae is due May 25, 2017 as an add-on DLC for $9.99 or as a standalone for $14.99.