Two Point Hospital release date set, teases 'Cubism' illness in new trailer

Poor Trevor. He's the country's most unwell man—having recently overcome Lightheadedness, and having now caught a bad dose of Cubism. Check out the trailer above to see Two Point Hospital's, ahem, unorthodox treatment of this most unusual ailment. Know also that Two Point Hospital now has a launch date: August 30, 2018.

"In this trailer, we catch up with Two Point County’s sickest resident, Trevor, to see what he’s been up to since we last saw him suffering from Lightheadedness," says publisher Sega in the video's description. "It’s not good news for Trevor, as this time he’s taken a full whack in the chops from Cubism."  

Due next month, Two Point Hospital is hilarious until the corpses start piling up. That's according to Rachel Weber, who, after some recent hands-on time had this to say:

The more I see of Two Point Hospital, the more I want to run wild through the medical establishments of Two Point County, throwing down vending machines and staffing wards with tiny nurses. Just like Theme Hospital it finds the perfect balance between daft humor and that dopamine hit that comes with the best simulations, the satisfaction of fine tuning every corridor and doctor's office for maximum efficiency. 

Where things have changed it's for the better. You can see the evolution everywhere, in the way you can summon different visualisation modes to spot problem areas, in the challenges the varying regions of Two Point County present, and in surprises like those furry little monobrows that can lift the spirits after a visit from the health inspector. It's a strong medicine that—despite a few desperate trawls of Steam after my demo—nothing else comes quite close to matching. 

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