Two new Far Cry videos show Primal's human side

Far Cry Primal

Well it's not really a Far Cry game until you start tripping on the blood of your enemies, is it? A new Far Cry Primal trailer has emerged from the mists of time to give us some insight into what us hairless apes got up to when not harassing owls. It turns out we harassed each other.

The last standing member of his party, Takkar the hunter hopes to save the Wenja people avoid extinction, but first he'll have to find them—they've been scattered to the corners of Oros by the marauding of two particularly murderous tribes.

Pleasingly, they're not speaking anachronistic English with still more recent American accents. A second video details Ubisoft's creation of three variants of a proto-proto-Indo-European language in collaboration with the University of Kentucky. I guess the phrasebook was out of stock.