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Twitter's latest obsession is Resident Evil 2 Remake's hat-wearing terror Mr X

Mr X has turned out to be the breakout star of Resident Evil 2's remake, and how could he not? He's gigantic, he wears a silly hat, and he's got a ludicrously long coat—plus, of course, he spends a not-insignificant portion of Resident Evil 2 implacably stalking the player, never missing an opportunity to punch Leon or Claire really hard.

Twitter's reaction to Mr X has been... really something. Not surprisingly, there are a fair few variants on 'X Gon' Give It To Ya', and I have reluctantly laughed at every single one of them. All of them tap into the fright the player feels whenever he turns up, or make fun of his silly coat. 

Here's what Andy said about his encounters with Mr X in his review. "The way he walks slowly towards you, unflinching and emotionless, is genuinely unsettling—especially when he suddenly appears at the end of a long corridor. And he's always lurking near items you need to progress, which is brilliantly cruel." 

Special thanks to GamesRadar's Rachel Weber, who originally uncovered a number of these.

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