Twitter reacts to $276 Fallout 76 jacket with a bunch of bag jokes

Yesterday, the official Fallout Twitter account announced that leather Fallout 76 jackets were being sold in the Bethesda store. At a price of $276, the lambskin leather jacket is bright blue with yellow piping, a big 76 on the back, a small 76 on the front, and lined with "silky, shiny taffeta fabric."

Deep breath: So, you probably remember the Fallout 76 'bag-gate' fiasco in which customers who purchased the $200 Fallout 76 collector's edition, which was advertised as coming with a canvas Fallout 76 bag, but it actually came with a nylon bag, which was met with outrage, to which Bethesda first offered a small amount of Atoms (in-game currency) as recompense, before the outrage over that convinced them to go ahead and replace all the nylon bags with canvas ones, after which a number of customers submitting support tickets for those replacement bags had their private information leaked due to a problem with Bethesda's website? Exhale.

Anyway. As you'd expect given all of the above—plus the crinkly, plastic-looking nature of the bright blue leather jacket, combined with the price, combined with the ill-fitting appearance of the jacket on one of the models, and also the fact that the leather jacket comes "packaged inside a Fallout 76 garment bag" [emphasis mine]—Twitter immediately responded with lots of bag jokes.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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