Twitch to sell games in streamer-supporting initiative this spring

Streaming service Twitch will allow users to purchase games in a new streamer-supporting initiative set to launch later this year  

"Soon the best place to watch and share games will be the best place to buy," so says Twitch in a statement—a process whereby players interested in specific broadcasters will be able to purchase games and allocate them a cut. A new "Buy Button" featured below said streams will be implemented this spring. Said streamer will get five percent of the sale, with the buyer netting themselves randomised Twitch Crates which include exclusive emotes and chat badges among other things. 

A mock-up of the initiative's 'Buy Now' button.

Used in concert with the streaming service's existing Twitch launcher (which is currently used to distribute free games as part of Twitch Prime), the initiative won't sell game keys, but will instead allow users to redeem games through existing services—like, say, Uplay—by linking the buyer's Twitch account to his or her said existing service.  

Launch partners include Raw Fury, Ubisoft, Tiny Build, Digital Extremes, Telltale Games, Bit Studios, Blue Mammoth Games, Campo Santo, Devolver Digital, Fred Wood, Gambitious, Hi-Rez Studios, Ink Stories, Jackbox Games, Paradox, Proletariat, Versus Evil, Trion Worlds, Vlambeer, and Double Fine. 

It's worth noting that Riot and Valve are not included on this list, whose games—League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive—are among the most viewed on the streaming service. Whether or not this changes down the line remains to be seen.

"For years we have appreciated how supportive Twitch streamers and viewers have been of our games,” says Chris Early, VP of digital publishing at Ubisoft. "This made it an easy decision to work with Twitch to better serve our passionate community with benefits for everyone."

Twitch's vice president of commerce Matt McCloskey adds: "Many of our streamers want to make a living doing what they love. To help them, we're enabling game developers to sell game content at the exact time and place their communities are gathered to watch, which in turn lets streamers earn money from games sold on their channels. To ensure everyone benefits, we're also rewarding fans that take part in the program with Twitch Crates."

No concrete launch for the initiative just yet, but expect more in the coming weeks.