Twitch stream lets you spy on the lives of GTA 5's NPCs (Updated)

Update: The feed is live, and you can watch it above, on Twitch, or through the San Andreas Community Cam site. The NPCs are all very, very unhappy today.

Original story: Remember last year's GTA 5 deer cam? Using a modded version of GTA 5, streamer bwatanabe was able to live-stream footage of Twitch of a deer living in Los Santos. The camera followed the deer on its unscripted adventures, making for some intriguing and occasionally hilarious viewing. That project ended last April, but there's a new one afoot by the same streamer beginning tomorrow, and this time the cameras will follow citizens as they make their way around GTA 5.

"San Andreas Community Cam is a live video stream from a computer running a modded version of Grand Theft Auto V, hosted on The mod follows the citizens of San Andreas, a fictional state in GTA V based on California. The citizens are programmed to control themselves and make their own decisions, with no one actually playing the game. The citizens are ‘playing themselves’, with all activity unscripted."

You'll be able to view it here starting Friday, January 20, at 8:00am PST. We'll update this post when the cam goes live. And, without reading too much into this project, it launches on Inauguration Day, all donations to San Andreas Community Cams go to Planned Parenthood, and in the sample video above every single citizen is sobbing in despair. So, there may be bit of subtle political commentary involved.

Thanks to @CPriestman for the tip.

Christopher Livingston
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