Twitch is coming back online after an outage

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Update: Twitch is now back to full functionality, at least on my end. Twitter Support said on Twitter that it's still "working on a fix," so you may still be see loading issues as the site comes fully back online.

Original story: Happy new year! Twitch is down, sorta. My homepage is looking especially wonky as of Tuesday morning, with several main elements of the site, like the homepage carousel, not loading correctly or missing completely. I also seemed to be signed out of my account, making the site more-or-less unusable at the moment. I can't see who I follow, but I can watch clips that Twitch thinks I'll like (I rarely do). 

Twitch announced on Twitter that it's "investigating an issue preventing multiple areas of Twitch from loading," so rest assured the powers that be are on it.

Interestingly, streams that are already live seem to be functioning as they were (mostly). Following a direct link to a live channel started playing the stream just fine, but all of the other elements on the page, like chat and the streamer info panels, were gone. It's actually sort of peaceful—just me, the streamer, and a bunch of grey boxes that never actually load. I could get used to this.

twitch homepage

Something is definitely missing here... (Image credit: Twitch)

Outages aren't the best way to kick off a new year, but bugs happen and I expect Twitch will be back at full functionality before the end of the day. We'll update this article when Twitch offers more info on the issues.

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