Turok 2 remaster release date confirmed, trailer flaunts dino-blasting nostalgia

It feels like a lifetime ago that rumours of a Turok and Turok 2 remaster began circulating, but in reality it's been just two years. And while the first game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, has since made it to digital store shelves, the second now has a launch date. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is due March 16, courtesy of Iguana Entertainment and Nightdive Studios. 

The original PC and N64-run iteration of Seeds of Evil celebrates its 19th birthday this year, however footage from the remaster looks instantly familiar—laser cannons, hostile dinos, blocky environments and all. 

Here's a glimpse at some of that at work: 

On top of all of that, the Seeds of Evil remaster brings with it a new multiplayer mode named Last Turok Standing, and promises new puzzles, level layouts, and weapons so as to keep returning players on their toes. 

"When restoring these classic games, it is important to ensure that they will play on as many different computer hardware configurations as possible," explains Nightdive's Stephen Kick. "Working with Intel allows our developers to tune the game's performance to achieve those results. Seeds of Evil does more than just continue the series."

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is due March 16 for PC via Steam, The Humble Store and GOG.