Try out Trials Rising for free in next week's open beta

Ubisoft's 2.5D motocross racing/platformer Trials Rising will be out on February 26, a slight pushback from its originally scheduled launch on February 12. Before that happens, you can take it for a spin in a free open beta that will run from February 21-25. 

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Earlier this month, Ubisoft also revealed more about its post-launch plans for Trials Rising, which will include a two-part Expansion Pass with new locations, tracks, contracts, and customization items, the Stuntman Rider Pack, and the Samurai Pack, which sounds like highly practical gear for riding. There will also be free post-launch seasons, which will add new poses, animations, customization items, and events, and weekly challenges offering in-game currency and limited-time rewards. 

While the open beta will effectively roll straight into launch, Ubisoft said that it will not provide any kind of "head start," because progress made in the beta will not carry over to the full game. And that's it! You can play Trials Rising for free for a few days next week. Have fun. 

Andy Chalk

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