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Try Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden for free

The farm animal tactics game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is quite good: Maybe a little shorter than it should have been, but "a tense, absorbing and atmospheric" game in the style of XCOM. Even so, the front-facing weirdness of the thing—characters include an anthropomorphic duck, a brutish, bipedal boar, and a literal stone cold fox—may have put some people off. 

The obvious solution is to give people a chance to try to try the game without paying for it, which of course is why we're here—because a demo is now available on Steam. It's about a 3GB download, and it sounds like it's a pretty thick slice of the game: Funcom said it includes "all content from the beginning of the game, up [to] and including reaching the Ark." 

The "Download Demo" button isn't very prominently featured, but it's there, buried on the right-hand sidebar of the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Steam page, just above the list of Steam features. Hit that and you're off to the races. The recently-announced Stalker Trials "challenge mode" expansion, with scored progress through specially populated maps, leaderboards, and a handful of new options and bug fixes, is also now available and free for everyone.