Tripwire announces Killing Floor Incursion, a VR game for Oculus Touch

At the PC Gaming show during E3 2016, Tripwire's John Gibson took the stage with Anna Sweet from Oculus to announce that soon players will be able to blast open heads and scatter entrails in virtual reality. Developed for the Oculus Touch, Killing Floor Incursion. Check out the trailer above, which shows how you'll be able to collect weapons like knives and pistols, and use them to defend yourself against shambling monsters.

Gibson also showed off a trailer for a new content pack for Killing Floor 2. The Bulls-Eye content pack includes an expanded Player vs Zed mode, a new Sharpshooter perk, and a new character, Rae Higgins. They're also throwing in two community-made maps from their Grindhouse mapping contest. The Bulls-Eye pack went live on Steam during the announcement, so you can jump right in right now and start playing! Or, preferably, once the show is over. Check out the trailer above.

If you haven't bought Killing Floor 2 (it's currently in Early Access on Steam), here's some good news. You'll be able to try it out for free from Thursday, June 16 to Monday, June 20. The free weekend will also see the game discounted if you want to pick it up. Killing Floor 2 is planned to release this fall.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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