Trine 4 is off to dreamland in the Melody of Mystery DLC

Trine's trio of heroes, the wizard Amadeus, Pontius the knight and Zoya the thief, need to help out at the Astral Academy once again in Trine 4's upcoming Melody of Mystery DLC. While the new story campaign is sticking to the main game's theme of dreams, rather than saving the world from nightmares, this time you'll visit imaginary worlds that seem too good to be true—think softly rolling hills dotted with cabbages (yes, cabbages, who doesn't dream of those) and candy mountains below fluffy clouds.

The DLC includes six new levels filled with puzzles, including some that make use of ice, torches, magnets and crystals, all of which are new elements to Trine's mix of puzzling and platforming. The heroes themselves are also poised to get a bit of a buff, with Melody of Mystery chucking in six skill upgrades. You can upgrade your Blink ability to give it a freeze effect when you dash around, for instance, or summon lightning that leaps around.

Once again, the world looks absolutely stunning, and the new additions make me hopeful for some fun head-scratchers—arguably the best part, according to our Trine 4 review. In it, Luke called the difficulty of boss fights inconsistent, but praised the great art direction, sound, and outstanding puzzle design. It sounds like a neat little escape from reality, literally. 

Melody of Mystery is coming to PC "sometime" this month.