Tribes: Ascend patch adds new capture the flag map, more servers and balance fixes

Tribes Ascend

The latest patch for the Tribes: Ascend open beta adds a new capture the flag stage called Sunstar, set in an arid desert full of undulating dunes, perfect for a bit of sand surfing. The grim, volcanic Temple Ruins map has also been rearranged after feedback from fans and new European and Asian servers have been powered up to reduce server load and lag.

Tribes: Ascend will be officially out on April 12 , but anyone can play the open beta right now. You can sign up and grab the client from the Tribes: Ascend site . Read on for new screenshots of Sunstar and the reworked Temple Ruins and the patch notes in full, which include bad news for Pathfinders who like to use Nitron grenades, and good news for Heavies who are sick of moving so damn slow all the time.

Major Highlights

  • Sunstar, a new Capture the Flag map,has been added to the Quick Play rotation. Note that this map is not in its final design or art state.

  • Temple Ruins, a Capture the Flag map, has been added back to the Quick Play rotation after significant revisions. Note that this map is not in its final design or art state.

  • The European server region has been split into two regions in order for users to better select the region that gives them the best performance: Europe - London and Europe - Amsterdam.

  • The Asia server region has been split into two regions in order for users to better select the region that gives them the best performance: Asia - Japan and Asia - Singapore.

  • A variety of physics changes have been made in order to fix several issues impacting the fluidity of movement. This includes the elimination of several items that would cause deadstops and hitches, as well as a bug that would allow you to ski/jet along the boundary wall. Changes were also made in order to fix a few issues that would occur when traveling up steep hills. Additional improvements are planned for future releases.

  • A variety of improvements to server performance have been implemented. Additional improvements are planned for future patches.

  • Users may now choose to turn off unwanted HUD elements using the SETTINGS menu.

  • Reticules and HUD icons have undergone a significant polish pass.

  • User settings are now stored server-side. Settings may be reset as a result of this patch, but future patches should not have to reset bindings, etc.

Weapon/Balance Items

  • The Impact Nitron grenade will force you to drop the flag if it is used for self-damage. (PC Gamer Pathfinder Chris Thursten: "Nyooooooo!")

  • Increased Heavy run speed by 20%. (PC Gamer Heavy, me: "Yeeeeeeeeees!")

  • Increased maximum reduction of weapon switch time on the Quick Draw perk from 20% to 50%.

  • Modified inheritance on the Grenade Launcher (now 50%).

  • The cost of the Tactical strike was increased to 4000 credits from 3500.

Additional Items

  • While in a match, the Class Select screen provides an indication of how many of your teammates are currently playing each class.

  • The new Purchase Vehicle menu now shows how many of each type of vehicles are currently spawned. The option to purchase a vehicle is locked when a max for that vehicle is reached in a match.

  • New Features are showcased when entering the menus.

  • Fixed an issue where throwing grenades or executing melee attacks in rapid succession could have the server and client get out of sync and animate strangely.

  • If a player picks up a dropped ammo pickup while their current weapon has zero ammo, the weapon automatically reloads the new ammo into the clip.

  • Made a variety of changes to weapon FX to help improve performance.

  • Fixed issues with Quick Draw perk where the client was not scaling the putdown/retrieve animations correctly and where the server was not switching fast enough (and leading to some dry fires).

  • A variety of UI-related bug fixes and improvements were implemented.

  • Fixed a bug that that would cause occassional “dry fires” of weapon.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from adding or removing friends until you restarted the game client.

  • Fixed a bug in which the client would lock up under extended packet loss.

  • Fixed an issue in which information was not updating correctly on equipment page when scrolling perks.

  • Variety of cleanups and bug fixes to the badges system, including some adjustments to XP rewards from badges.

  • The end of match screen now highlights XP earned from badges during the match.

  • Fixed an issue where the Pathfinder's Light Assault Rifle would fire repeatedly in a training map.

  • Fixed an issue where mine icons were disappearing.

  • Added new effects to the Shrike.

  • Fixed an issue where Supply Drops were able to be deployed on areas not intended.

  • Fixed an issue where melee attacks were causing double damage in certain situations.

  • Fixed an issue where melee sounds and effects were playing when no damage was done.

  • Fixed an issue where the Beowulf gunner was able to fire faster than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where firing and reloading a shotgun was allowing them to be fired faster than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where zoom was not being re-enabled when a player was zoomed and a reload occurred.

  • Fixed an issue where pushing someone to their death with Sonic Punch was not properly rewarding the kill.

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to either stand on or hop over the boundary wall in some maps.

  • Fixed an issue where the energy conduit in Nightabatic TDM did not extend all the way to the ground.

  • Fixed several collision issues in Outskirts TDM

  • Fixed an issue where friendly players and vehicles were taking damage from friendly turrets.

  • Fixed an issue where entering a vehicle while firing a weapon would continuously fire that weapon in training and roaming maps.

  • Fixed an issue where the fumbled flag post process effect wasn't playing.

  • Fixed an issue where friends on the enemy team were having their marker drawn over exceptionally long distances.

  • Fixed an issue where player-owned deployables and projectiles were not being destroyed when becoming a spectator.

  • When in-scope with the Sniper Rifles using the Sentinel Class, the targeting reticule no longer color shifts to red when hovering over enemy players. Although, the reticule does continue to turn green when hovering over friendly players.

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle sounds would constantly play if you exited the Beowulf as the gunner while it was on fire.

  • Fixed an issue where there could be two flag carriers on the same team in Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

  • Fixed an issue where teams could be credited for multiple flag caps or a single flag cap if the flag carrier landed on the flag (either on-stand or out in the field) in a certain way with the Reach perk active.

  • Fixed an issue where the call-in confirmation sound would play but the call-in wouldn't activate.

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