Tribes: Ascend release date set for April 12

[VAMS id="vo2qareCYXlX4"]

Tribes: Ascend will be well and truly, properly out on April 12. The free to play game that calls itself "world's fastest shooter" has been in open beta for a short while, and has been regularly updated with new maps, game modes and extra gadgets for its high speed-classes. The splendid Dead Island parody trailer above show what happens when one of those classes snatches the flag when he's not going fast enough, an act known among Tribes players as the Llama grab.

"This video demonstrates the perils of trying to caputre a flag while going too slow," explains Hi-Rez chief technical officer, Todd Harris. "The outcome is predictable but no less tragic."

Tribes: Ascend feels very polished for a game that's still not officially out. You can try it for yourself by downloading the client from the Tribes: Ascend site , and signing up for an account. It's free!

Tom Senior

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