Trials Evolution bunny-hops the console fence, lands on PC this March

RedLynx sure know how to keep a platform waiting. Their breakout biking hit, 2D motorbiking platformer Trials 2: Second Edition, launched on Steam back in 2008. Since then they moved their game-development garage to Xbox Live Arcade, making the expanded and enhanced Trials HD and the flipping brilliant Trials Evolution. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the PC had been long left in the dust. Instead, RedLynx appear to have been biding their time for a dramatic re-entry, as they've now announced Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

The Gold Edition will include both Trials Evolution and Trials HD, in a version that's "specifically enhanced for PC." Both games will run in Evolution's fancier engine, with Ubisoft Shanghai handling porting duties, and RedLynx overseeing the process. The 2D motorbike platformer is due out for "both digital and retail channels" on March 22nd.

What doesn't appear to be included are the two Evolution DLC packs, Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom. Presumably they're being held back for future PC DLC. Still, you do get the ace Trials track editor, which has been responsible for a wealth of crazy courses, including this familiar level:

Phil Savage

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